Tips for Choosing the Best Funeral Casket

The casket is the inevitable part of the funeral. Its price varies depending on the type and ornaments selected . For a cremation, its price will not be the same as for burial because depending on the nature of the funeral, the coffin will have different characteristics.


Customizing the casket

Adding decorations at the  base of the coffin is very useful as it helps in giving the last respects to the deceased person.These ornaments are modular. They often consist of religious emblems, dimpling, screw caps and nameplates. These items are sold, but it is also possible to add to the coffin homemade items.

The nameplate is one of the necessary things every casket should have. In the USA, for many years, listing the date of birth and death is obligatory. But it is always possible to add other more personal information. It must essentially take into account the family  wishes

The choice of upholstery is the choice of material and color of fabric inside the coffin. It can be cotton or satin for example.Religious symbols, such as the crescent, star or cross, can be made in metal or wood.

Regulations require four handles, but it is minimal. It is possible to add more. Custom features handles their capacity and their design.Finally, mourning flowers are ornamental elements of every casket.

The casket models

The choice of a casket is guided by the nature of the funeral. At a cremation, incineration coffin requires less resistance thus pine, cardboard and chipboard are very suitable materials. However, for burial, the coffin must resist moisture and time. The elm and oak are the most used wood for burials.

The most common coffins are coffins of Lorraine styles, Parisian or the tombs in the US.cardboard coffin

The price of the coffin usually ranges between 500 and 3,000 dollars depending on the model. The price varies depending on the form, moldings and wood used.

For a cremation, it is best to opt for a wooden coffin because this material is biodegradable. In addition, it is environmentally friendly and does not emit polluting gases because regulations prohibit excessive concentration of harmful solvents in the varnish and paint.There are cardboard coffins are still quite difficult to find in the USA. However, their use is growing in more and more countries. The current environmental concerns plays a bigger role in their growing success.